10 Pet Sitting Press Release Topic Ideas for February

Published on : 05 November 20183 min reading time

Writing and submitting press releases regularly is a great way to market and attract attention to your pet sitting business. If you’ve been reading this blog for long – your heard me talk about press releases before, in fact you can get some good tips for writing your press releases from the following blog posts:

Top 5 Tips for Attention Grabbing Press Releases

Use Press Releases to Attract More Customers, Get Recognized, and Get Website Traffic

A press release is just a fancy name for a short article that is written about a public interest topic, formatted correctly, and submitted to a newspaper reporter, radio station, or online.  Don’t let writing one scare you – with a great topic writing a short article that will be interesting to readers will be easy.  That’s my mission today – to supply you with some ideas to spark your creativity and get you writing.

February has so many holidays that honor pets!  In last weeks Freebie Friday post I told you about an easy Google calendar download that will put all these days on your own Google calendar.  Here are some simple ideas for press releases that you can write and submit around these special days:

10 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Teeth Healthy  – National Pet Dental Month

Spay Your Pet to Save a Life –  National Prevent a Litter Month

5 Keys to Responsible Pet Ownership –  Responsible Pet Owners Month

Why Dogs Are Not Meant To Live Outside – Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week Feb 8-14

10 First Aid Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe – Safety Pup Day Feb 12

How to Prevent The Theft of Your Pet – Pet Theft Awareness Day Sat Feb 14

10 Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Pets – Love Your Pet Day  Feb 20

Save Money by Making Homemade Dog Treats – International Dog Buscuit Appreciation Day Feb 23

Low Cost Ways to Get Them Spayed – Spay Day USA Feb 24


Let Your Pet Sitter Save You Time and Money  – National Pet Sitters Week March 1

These are just some quick titles that I came up with – you could get more creative with yours! Don’t forget to mention in any of these press releases how you the pet sitter can help the pet owner with any of these problems.  You want to subtly highlight your business to fit with the interest story. You can also get information to help you write the articles by searching on the pet event name in Google to find out who sponors each event and the event history.

If you want some more press release ideas so that you’re never scratching your head – Alice Seba has a brand new report available “51 Attention Getting Press Release Ideas, Tempates and More“.   Alice sells this info packed 10 page report for $13.95 at here site – but members of my Pet Business Success Circle will receive this report free.  Sign up for just $7 now and pick up the report and all these other goodies.

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