5 Tips for Networking At the Dog Park to Attract New Pet Sitting Clients

Published on : 05 November 20182 min reading time

The dog park is a place where people gather to let their pets run free and socialize with other pups. But what do the humans do while their dogs are having fun?  They chat, get to know each others dogs and network!  Really the dog park is just the real life version of online social networking and it can be just as valuable a place to meet the neighbors and market your pet sitting services locally.

Here are some tips for networking at your local dog park:

1. Visit regularly at the same times of the day so that you often run into people with the same schedule and get to know them personally BEFORE you introduce your pet sitting business to them

2. Strike up conversations with people by offering to watch their dogs, help with putting on leashes, offering them treats for their dogs, or just asking them questions about their pets

3. Make sure that your dogs are well groomed and well behaved. Obey the rules of the park and pick up after your dogs. You want to give other dog owners a good impression and look like you care for your pets and have some skill working with dogs

4. Carry your business cards at all times so that when you do get to know people and mention your buisness that you have them at hand ready to hand out

5. Wear clothing with your business logo to do some subtle marketing at the park. People will be sure to ask you about your business!

If you don’t have a local park – why not start one?  This is a great community project that your pet sitting business could sponsor and get a lot of great PR.  Here are some tips to get you started setting up a local park or dog run.

Do you have any stories of new customers that you’ve met at your local dog park? Leave a comment and share them with us!

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