5 Ways to Connect with Customers Via Community Groups

Unfortunately, there is not as much interaction between neighbors as there once was in our area. We don’t see our neigbors very often, don’t have block parties or holiday parties.  I don’t think I’d recognize everyone that lives on our block. We really need to make more of an effort! Luckily it’s not the same everywhere.

In communities people gather to share advice, organize neighborhood garage sales, and organize crime watch groups.  Many areas also have home owners organizations (HOA’s) that meet regularly and often provide members with monthly newsletters.

Today, some even have community online forums and noticeboards where they share advice about the best pet services.  I had my first experience with this last week.  I had 2 new clients book pet sitting services for Thankgiving after one of them asked a question of their online HOA forum and my service was recommended by a former Claws Paws & Jaws client.  This type of forum is a great referral source for you!

To find local HOA’s type in  “City Homeowners Associations” into the Google search box. Insert your services areas for the City. It will bring you back a list of websites for the HOA’s in your city.

The websites will tell you about the HOA, if they have a newsletter, and you can investigate and see what events are coming up for them, and if they accept advertising by local businesses on their site. They should also give you contact information for the HOA President or at least the website manager.

There are many ways to connect:

1) Ask if you can make a short presentation at the next HOA meeting

2) Ask to place an ad in their monthly magazine

3) Ask if you can provide an article for their newsletter on a pet care or health topic

4) Ask to place an ad on their site

5) Ask if they need sponsor for upcoming community events

Forming a relationshipship with key members of the HOA can lead to further opportunities for your business and if you keep in touch regularly you will be the first service that they think of when one of their residents asks them if they know a good pet sitter.

If you have any other good ideas for making neighborhood connections please leave a comment on this post and let us know!

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