Cloning of Pets – Would you Clone Your Cat or Dog?

Published on : 06 February 20182 min reading time

Cloning of PetsYesterday I read an article online about a new service offered to pet owners in South Korea. Owners who just can’t let go of their favorite dog now have the option of having them cloned.

This is something we have joked about in our family – my step-son Andrew has suggested the cloning of our cat Bouie as he is such a personality, so affectionate, and so laid back. But I don’t think I would really want my cat cloned. Somehow even if a new cat looked and acted just like him – it still wouldn’t be Bouie. I think it would seem odd and manufactured.

I do feel that cloning a pet would also be a crime when we have such a homeless pet problem and so many pets need a good home. How many  homeless pets could given a loving home if less people bought pets from breeders and pet cloning agencies?  For this reason I would be against this service being offered to mainstream pet owners.

It’s certain that not everyone will be able to afford the service – it currently runs at $50,000 to $100,000. Most customers for this service are looking to clone working dogs and endangered breeds. For example the South Korean customs service has cloned sniffer dogs as the cost of cloning is far less than the training process and screening that goes into finding dogs to train for their programs.

I’m interested in your opinion! What do you think of the pet cloning service? If the price falls to an affordable level would you ever consider cloning one of your pets? Have you ever had a client pet that you would have liked to clone?

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