Do College Students Make Good Contract Pet Sitters?

This week I’ve interviewed two new prospective pet sitters that contacted me through my web site “Join Our Team” form.  The interviews went well and it took me less time than ever to get prepared as I now have a well defined hiring process. I’m going ot share this with you in the coming weeks.

Both applicants turned out to be college students that are available for the summer and Christmas holiday periods only. I enjoyed meeting both applicants - they were outgoing and positive and have plenty of great experience with pets - both have their own and have taken care of pets for family and friends and one has also worked with pet rescue organizations.

A few years ago I considered putting up flyers at local colleges to attract pet sitters but it’s one of the good ideas that I didn’t ever get around to putting into action. However, I had not considered students with families in my service area that travel to college in other cities.

Now I’m beginning to think that taking on these students as high season contract sitters is a pretty good idea. I always struggle with the rush of clients in summer, and at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I don’t want to take on more sitters at these times and then disappoint them when I don’t have ongoing visits to keep them busy the rest of the year.

Having a contract sitter that is available just in those peak seasons could work out very well and allow me to have extra sitters available only when I need them.

I’m going to give these gals a chance this year and see how this strategy works. I’ll let you know what happens!

Does anyone have experience working with college student seasonal sitters? How has it worked for you? Did you have any customer resistance to younger sitters (between age of 18 and 21?)

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