Dogs – Why We Love Them!

What do you love about owning dogs? The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association® (APPMA) gives the top 14 reasons why people enjoy owning a dog.

  1. Many pet owners believe dogs are convenient and easy to maintain
  2. Owners enjoy entering dog shows
  3. Canines make great farm dogs and help with cattle
  4. Dogs are fun to watch and have in the household
  5. Dogs are a good way to teach kids responsibility
  6. Dogs are good for our health and help us to live longer
  7. Owners enjoy hunting with dogs
  8. Dogs keep undesirable animals away
  9. Dogs are like children or family members
  10. Dogs provide therapy/assistance to handicapped or elderly people
  11. Dogs provide relaxation and relieve stress.
  12. Dogs provide security
  13. Dogs make excellent walking, exercising or jogging partners
  14. Dogs provide companionship, love and company

I’m sure there are plenty of other great reasons.  The eternal smile on my Lab Tanner’s face always gives me a lift - his picture is at the top of this post.  Leave a comment and tell me about the reasons you love your dogs.

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