Feed Pets in Need with One Click A Day

Published on : 05 November 20182 min reading time

A friend alerted me to the Animal Rescue site this morning – and what a great idea!

At The Animal Rescue Site all you have to do to help feed animals in need is to click on the button on their website once a day to raise enough money for 0.6 bowls of food per click. Today as I write this post they have already raised enough money for 150,265 bowls of food. 

Seems too easy right – you’re wondering how this works? The trick is that when you click you are shown a page with ads from their sponsors. The amount that these sponsors pay for these ads depends on how much traffic is brought to this page via clicks. 100% of sponsorship payments are used to support animals in rescues and sanctuaries. Of course we are not obligated to make any purchases – but some of the cute products tempted me! Of course a percentage of any purchase that you do make on their site also goes to help their charity.

The money raised goes directly to their partners – Petfinder, The Fund for Animals, and North Shore Animal League.

They also have a page which gives you some other free ways that you can help – suggestions include subscribing to their newsletter, helping to spread the word by sending e-cards to your friends, and finding new sponsors for their site.

Drop by their site today and click to feed more animals – www.theanimalrescuesite.com

If you have other great ideas or products suggestions to help donate to animal causes please share it with us by leaving a comment.

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