Free Pet Industry Magazines for Business Owners

This weekend I found a couple of pet publications that offer free subscriptions for pet business owners. Both look like they have information that is valuable to keep on top of pet industry trends and new pet products. Both magazines are primarily aimed at pet product retailers - but if you have a pet service business it may be worth considering adding some products to you business. (I’ll be discussing the concept of Double Edged Sword marketing in a future post and show you how adding products to your business can help you increase your profits).

Pet Business gives pet retailers marketing tips and product information to help them increase their financial success. They distribute monthly and also run articles on grooming, trends in pet foods, and specialized pet care.

Pet Age is also targeted to retailers but also offers instructional pet care articles, customer relations tips, industry and regulation trends, and innovative new pet products.

I haven’t got my first issues yet but I’ll give you a full review when they do arrive. Until then it is easy to subscribe to the magazine at their websites online - they ask that you let them know what part of the pet industry you are involved in to receive your free subscription.

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