Free Report – How To Define Your Pet Sitting Market Profile

I hope you have subcribed here at Working with Pets and downloaded your free report “101 Ways to Market Your Pet Sitting Business” (If not go to the form at the top left of the page and get it now!). This report will give you many fresh ideas to get the word about your great service to the pet lovers in your community. To get the most out of these new marketing tactics you also need to understand your local market of pet owners. This is where a market profile comes into play. Your market profile describes how your pet sitting business fits within your local market. It outlines the features and benefits of your service, identifies what makes your business unique, describes the characteristics of your ideal customers, and profiles the services of your competitors, and their target market. Putting a document like this together sounds pretty daunting - but don’t worry. My special report that I have for you will guide you through the process of developing your plan step by step with simple exercises. You’ll have it done in no time! Set some time aside this week to working on your profile so you can make your marketing 100 times more effective. Download my special reprort “How to Define Your Market Profile” now right here: How to Define Your Pet Sitting Market I hope you enjoy it and put it to good use :) If you need some support rolling out your new marketing plan look no further than the Pet Sitting Success Circle.  As a member you’ll have your own mastermind group of “business advisors” to help you every step of the way.  See what Pet Sitter of the Year Rob Nager has to say about his involvement at PS - You will also receive my “One Page Pet Business Plan Toolkit” as a bonus gift when you try out the Pet Sitting Success Circle. The report sells here at Working with Pets for $10 but your trial membership is only $7 for the first month!

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