Free Simple To-Do List Software – Keep Track On The Go

Just a quick post tonight – it’s getting late but I wanted to share this great new SIMPLE software that I found this week that will help you keep track of your to-do list.

It is called Teux Deux – – and the home screen shows you the 7 days of the week and you can just enter your to-do’s in on any day – and then cross them off as you complete each task.

The feature I like best is the Someday list that shows up at the bottom of the screen that lets you add ideas that you want to get to – just not this week.  What a great way to make sure you capture ideas without having to add them to your daily list.

If you don’t do the tasks on your list today they automatically roll over to tomorrow – so you never lose any tasks.

You can access the software from any computer as it is web based – and of course also from your Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry or other smart phone on the go.

I have to admit that I’m a bit scattered about keeping track of to-do lists.  I tend to put them on scraps of paper and have them everywhere.  But no longer – I think I’m going to adopt Teux Deux.

How about you? How do you keep track of tasks that you need to get done?

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