Get Daily Pet News Updates via Email

Since I started this blog I have discovered a couple of great ways to make sure I stay alerted to all the latest pet news.  They are both automated and arrive in my email box with a summary of each story so I can skim over them quickly.  This saves a lot of time that I could spend surfing the web to pick up news stories.

The first is Congoo - an online news service where you can set up your own News Group to receive the news on topics that interest you.  Once you have set up a news group you can also add your own articles and share it with friends or clients.

Here is how they describe their service:

Congoo’s news service is a uniquely valuable tool for staying current on anything. Congoo News is the most comprehensive news source on the Web aggregating stories from over 25,000 free and subscription content sources. Congoo’s technology organizes articles into stories and stories into subjects.

Setting up an account with Congoo is easy and free. To look at my News Circle visit my Pet News Circle.

The second way to get news delivered is via Google Alerts. This is just as easy as Congoo and usually I get different pet stories from each source.  To get Google alerts all you need is a Google account which is also free.  To set up an account visit Google Account Home Page.

Once you have your account and log in you will see My Accounts in the top right hand corner of the screen. Click on this and it will take you to account screen and you will see Google Alerts in the menu of options on the right side of the screen. Once in the Alert screen it is as simple as specifying a topic and then choosing whether to receive email updates once a day or once a week.  I like to get mine once a day to keep up with new pet news.

I find that fun or curious pet news stories are great to spark ideas for blog topics, articles, or newsletter posts.  Your clients will look forward to hearing from you if you can always brighten their day or week with funny pet stories or informative news.

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