How do you get unstuck?

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you feel “stuck’ in your business? Perhaps you have been sailing along smoothly but suddenly find you need more clients and don’t know where to look. Perhaps you are a solo pet sitter and have too many jobs – but are really apprehensive about hiring your first staff member. Perhaps you know there is something in your business that isn’t working but you are not really sure how to fix it. When I feel stuck I always find that it’s good to step away from the problem for a while – give it some space.  Set your subconscious to work on the problem (for example asking yourself a question before bed and then letting it go – or journalling about the problem and then setting it aside) – and then enjoy some time taking a break by relaxing and doing something you love.  You’ll be surprised how often if you do this that the answer will suddenly pop into your head at a later time!  You subconscious has been chewing away at the problem while you focused on other things without you knowing it. Another great way to get unstuck is to bounce the problem off other people in your network that are involved in other businesses.  This might be a friend, someone you know from networking, or a coach. When I’m stuck with a problem and am having a touch time working through it I most often turn to my coach.  She is able to give me fresh ideas, talk me through the problem, ask me probing questions that make me think differently about the problem, and help me to brainstorm solutions.  Just putting the problem or block in front of another set of eyes takes the weight off my shoulders and helps me get a new perspective. What is a problem or situation in your business where you have felt stuck?  How did you work around it? If you need any help to work around an issue I’d be happy to talk you through it in a specialty coaching session.  Just send me an email at  or call me at 817 692 4404 and we can set up a time to chat. Working though a block may be just the thing you need to really push yourself forward and make a big leap in 2011!

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