How to Become a Dog Trainer without Quitting Your Day Job

Dog Trainer without

Published on : 05 November 20182 min reading time

Are you interested starting your own pet business as a professional dog trainer? Wondering how you can get the training you need without giving up your day job income? Today I found an interesting topic on the Off Lead Discussion board that gave reviews about the at home study / instructor mentored program offered by the Animal Behavior College (ABC). Their program combines an at home study course and exam work combined with hands on instruction and mentoring by an ABC trainer in your area. The course is designed to be completed in a 52 week (1 year) time period and costs significantly less than other available dog trainer certification courses. Their fees vary from $2700-$3500 depending on your choice of payment and financing options.

Their coursework includes the following modules:

Dog learning theory, training tools, basics of teaching obedience, problem solving, safety, public speaking and teaching, and business building. ABC will help you find a local mentor that will allow to gain experience by observing training sessions and work with dogs on skills that have been learned during coursework under their supervision. This portion can last between 7-21 depending on the regularity of training sessions. ABC also have a relationship with PETCO stores to provide trainers for their in-store classes and will give you assistance finding work after graduation from their class.

This course receives some great recommendations on the discussion board and also lists many success stories on their own website. As a full time worker myself I see the huge benefits that being able to gain dog trainer certification on a part time basis from home offers. Dog training can be a full or part time profession and is a business that can be started with very minimal start up costs. All you need is the training tools and some money for marketing. Dog training experience is also a great skill for pet sitters, groomers, and day care owners as they can offer training as an add on to their existing service. I may even consider looking into this myself! Please share your experience with the ABC course or other experiences as a dog trainer by leaving a comment…

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