How to Start an Online Pet Information Product Business

Creating and selling informational ebooks about pets and pet related businesses is one of my goals - so when I found an ebook today called “Pet Report Profits” by Doug Bertram I was interested to see what he had to say about selling pet related reports online.I purchased his ebook for $7 and was able to read the 40 pages in about an hour. I found that his ebook gave some good advice about choosing a pet topic for a report, writing the report, and marketing the report using online and offline methods. If you have not previously done much research on how to produce and market informational products this is a excellent report for you as it keeps the concepts simple and gives you a straightforward step by step plan to follow to get started with your first report.

The section of the ebook that I enjoyed most is Dougs 4 step process for getting your ideas about a pet topic in which you already have enough knowledge to write a 20-30 page report onto paper. He outlines how he brainstorms ideas, organizes these into sections, expands on each topic, and puts the final touches on his reports.

I did find the report was a little weak on the details of how to research whether the demand for a certain pet topic is enough to ensure that your report will be profitable. Doug does suggest several ways to identify topics that are “hot” or in demand but before you choose a topic to write about you really should also know how to determine the number of who people are currently searching for the information online in the search engines.

If you are seriously considering a businsess making money with informational pet reports I would highly recommend visiting Lynn Terry’s blog Clicknewz as she is an expert at finding in demand niche topics for online products. Last week Lynn promoted an ebook called Niche Blueprint and is giving away with each sale a subscription to her Easy Niche Research coaching emails.  Lynns first email covered the subject of the number of searches on your topic keywords in the major search engines (Yahoo or Google) you should look for before writing a informational product - just the information that would make a great compliment to round out Doug’s ebook.

As pet care professionals, whether we realize it or not, we all have a great deal of specialized knowledge about pets and writing informational reports on these topics is a great way to add to your income from your current pet business. “Pet Report Profits” gives you a great plan to get the knowledge out of your head, onto paper, and make it start working for you. So what are we waiting for? What will be the topic for your first money making report?

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