How to Use Website SEO to Get More Pet Sitting Customers

This Tuesday evening I will be interviewing Jordan Kaplan owner of Petaholics - a pet sitting company based in New York - for my montly Pet Business Success Circle pet expert call.

Just like me, Jordan gets a lot of new pet sitting customers that find him on the web via his website.  Jordan will be teaching us how to get our pet sitting websites great rankings in the major search engines by using seach engine optimization (SEO) techniques and strategies.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your own business website. Markting online is very cost friendly compared to direct mail or magazine advertising. I would estimate that currently at least 95% of new customers tell me that they find my pet sitting business online by doing a Google or Yahoo search.  I have all the details, policies, and pet sitting prices on my website so it makes it easy for people to see what they will get with my service, and make a decision on which pet sitting company they want to hire.  When they make a choice they can submit a reservation to me right on my site - this offers them great convenience.

Some of the topics that Jordan will be discussing are:

1) What are search engines and why are they important?

2) What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

3) How does SEO work?

4) How can pet sitters use SEO to get ranked in major search engines?

5) How can you get links to your website?

6) Why SEO is the most important and cost effective marketing tool for your business

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