Independence Day Wishes to all Pet Professsionals!

Published on : 05 November 20181 min reading time

I hope most of you are having a great day off! – I know for pet sitters like me holidays like this are our busiest time during the year. We can be thankful for all the great customers our service allows to enjoy their vacation time without the burden of worrying about their pets.

One of the things we should all celebrate today is the freedom that our professional allows us. Working with pets gives us the freedom to be with animals every day and share in their unconditional love.

Pet care business owners can also celebrate the freedoms that we have because we own our own businesses. As entrepreneurs we all have :

1) The freedom to work with whom we want – with our chosen staff and our ideal clients.

2) The freedom to work where we want-  be it a clients home, storefront, or office location.

3) Time freedom – we are able to decide how many hours we work and when we work.

Enjoy the time you have today with your family both human and furry!

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