Is a Peruvian Hairless the right dog for the White House?

When Barack Obama made is speech on election night he said that he would be getting a new dog for his daughters when they move into the White House next January.

In an article that I found on Google today it was reported that the Friends of Peruvian Hairless Dogs Association in Peru have offered to give Obama’s family a male four month old pedigree puppy. The Peruvian Hairless dog would be suitable for them as it won’t provoke his daughters allergies.

Wikipedia describes the Peruvian Hairless Dogs temperament as:

“Peruvian Hairless dogs are affectionate with family but wary of strangers. They are typically lively, alert and friendly with other dogs but can be protective as well. These dogs do not like to be alone, but when trained, can do well. These dogs are intolerant of extreme temperatures and are agile and fast. They generally require an owner that understands dog language and are not recommended for beginners.”

If you were to recommend a dog for Barack Obama and his family - which dog breed would you choose for them and why?

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