Marketing Excellence 6 Week Coaching Program for Pet Sitters

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new coaching program - Marketing Excellence.  At the start of the new year it is the perfect time to do some planning and set yourself up for success in 2010.  My Marketing Excellence coaching will set you up with your own personalized marketing plan and marketing systems that ensure you put your plan into action to achieve big results! Here are all the details: No matter whether you are just starting your pet sitting business or have an existing business that you want to grow - to attract new clients consistently you must consistently be marketing your business. To attract new pet sitting clients to your business you must: 1) Know exactly who your ideal pet sitting clients are and the best ways to make sure that they know about your business 2) Have a balanced marketing plan that gathers new client leads and follows up to educate and build a relationship with potential clients to build trust and credibility 3) Create your own marketing systems that take the guesswork out of your marketing by showing you exactly what you need to do every week to market your business and keep you focused 4) Know how to track your marketing efforts to ensure you are getting the results that you desire In the first few years of growing my own pet sitting business I jumped from project to project looking for the right strategies, spent too much money on advertising with little results, and constantly worried that I should be doing more. When I started to get clear about what was working and set up my own marketing systems to make sure I stayed focused I found that I started to attract more clients both with more ease and less expense. That meant I enjoyed my business more and enjoyed higher business profits! The Marketing Excellence program is a 6 week one-on-one coaching experience designed to prepare you for a year of phenomenal growth. At the end of the six weeks you will be clear about your marketing strategy and have your own written business marketing plan that you can refer back to all year. Here is exactly what we will cover during the six week program : Week 1 - Business Assessment and Goal Setting - 60 minute telephone call. At enrollment I will email you an assessment questionnaire so that during our first call we can discuss your current marketing efforts and your pet sitting business goals. You will also receive a copy of my special workbook “How to Define Your Market Profile”. Week 2 - Pet Sitting Website Review - 30 minute telephone call. We will use a checklist to review your current pet sitting website (or set up your new website) and I will give you suggestions to ensure that you website is client friendly and ranks well in the major search engines so that clients can find you. Week 3 - Planning Your Marketing Mix - 30 minute telephone call. Together we will use “The Pet Sitting Marketing Pie” to ensure that you are using the most effective mix of marketing methods. We will brainstorm ideas to fill each piece of your personalized marketing pie. Week 4 - Creating Marketing Systesms - 30 minute telephone call. We will put together your own set of marketing systems to ensure that you consistently put into action all of the marketing methods in your marketing pie. Week 5 - How To Track Your Marketing - 30 minute telephone call. We will discuss how to track your marketing efforts and make adjustments to keep you aligned with your business goals. Week 6 - Question and Follow-Up Call - 30 minute telephone call. Follow up call to clarify and answer questions about implementation of your marketing and tracking systems. Between each of our phone coaching sessions I will give you a worksheet to complete before our next call. You should be able to dedicate between 1-3 hours per week on these projects to ensure that our calls each week are productive. During these six weeks you will also have unlimited email access between calls so that you can ask me questions about your current projects. When I contacted Danielle I was at a crossroads in my business. The vision that I always had for my pet sitting business seemed impossible; I was looking for guidance as to whether or not I should continue to pursue my dream or if it was time to walk away. Danielle called me one evening and we talked for over an hour about what it was that I really wanted and how I could achieve that. She definately seemed to understand my concerns. She gave me lots of very valuable tips and advice that I was able to begin to apply immediately on everything from marketing to hiring helpers. Our converstation never felt “salesy” or like she was pushing her own agenda. Within four days of speaking to Danielle and implementing some of the ideas we discussed, I already had a new client inquiry! I would definitely recommend Danielle to anyone looking for help with their business or anyone starting out. Carrie Trimmer - Who Let the Dogs Out? Pet Sitting The price of all worksheets, checklists, and our 6 one-on-one calls with 6 weeks of unlimited email access is just $450.00. This investment will set you up for many years of business growth and provide a reference that you can return to any time you need to update your personalized marketing plan. I look forward to working with you this year to create a pet sitting business that is uniquely yours, Danielle Chonody The Pet Sitting Excellence Coach P.S. When you are clear about your marketing plan and have your own marketing systems in place you won’t waste your energy worrying that you need to market more or differently or be distracted by the latest fancy marketing tools. A plan will keep you on track and ensure you use your time effectively - your guarantee to big results this year!

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