National Be Heard Day Give Aways Will Help Get Publicity for Your Pet Business

National Be Heard Day was actually last Friday - the 7th March. Sorry I didn’t report it on the day but it’s not too late to take advantage of a couple of great giveaway ebooks that will help you get free publicity for your pet business and get known. Don’t wait too long as they will only be available until March 20th.

Publicity pro Shannon Cherry of Be Heard Solutions ( created National Be Heard day to help entrepreneurs find their voice, tell their story and be heardby using low-cost marketing tactics to promote their businesses.

This year, she’s gotten together a great lineup of 17 marketing pros to share some of their secrets.

All you have to do it go to to get 2 great free ebooks that will show you how you can attract more pet business customers by getting free PR!

Remember the secret to getting publicity is about informing, educating, and entertaining. You don’t want to be trying to sell your service or product. Some of the ways you can do this are:

1) Write press releases about exciting events that occur in your business such as expansion into an new city, hiring of first employee, a community event you are organizing, or launch of a new service or product. Submit releases to local media and online using services such as

2) Write a series of How-To articles about your pet expertise that will help pet owners. Publish these online but also use them to contact local papers to suggest writing a weekly pet column for them.

3) Submit your articles to professional association newsletters.

4) Offer to give a speech to a local association or non-profit group to get speaking experience.

Once you get media coverage make sure you put this up on your business website so prospective clients can read or listen to an interview.

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