Network with Local Pet Business Owners on Facebook

Last week I was invited to a new Facebook group – DFW Pet Business Owners.  This group was created by a pet business directory here in Dallas and has already been of immense value to me.

Creating a Facebook group  is a super easy way to meet other business owners in your area and work together to create cross marketing campaigns, let each other know about advertising opportunities and pet events, and to allow each member to learn more about the other members services or products.

The Facebook groups also allow current members to invite other members to join the group – so once the group is up and started  it can rapidly expand as all members add other businesses that they already have relationships with.

Once you have an active group going you can also use the Facebook groups application to set up live events so that the members of the group can meet face to face.

Before you create your own group make sure that one doesn’t already exist for your area.  Just do a search in the Facebook search box at the top of your Facebook screen.

To create a group – go to your Home page (where you see the friend feed). On the left sidebar you should see the groups that you are a currently a member.  At the bottom of that box you should see a link “More”.  Click this link and then you should see at the bottom of the group list – “Create a Group”.   Facebook will then lead you through the steps to setup your new group.

If you are already a member of a Facebook local pet business networking group – tell us what type of posts get everyone talking, or tell us what benefit you have gained from being a member.

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