Pet Insurance – Are your pets covered?

A couple of years ago my family had to make an agonizing decision to put our 3 year old Labrador to sleep. She had been in veterinary and hospital care for over 7 days after suddenly becoming ill after her pancreas starting to release too many enzymes into her system causing swelling of the liver. We had already run up sizable vet and hospital bills and could not afford any further ongoing care with less than promising prognosis for her recovery. It was a horrible situation to balance more huge veterinary fees that we couldn’t afford against trying to save her or put her to sleep.

At the time I was not aware of veterinary pet insurance. Had we have purchased this type of coverage for her we would not have had the worry of the bills and would have had more options to consider further treatment. Now I carry VPI pet insurance coverage on our two cats and new puppy. The insurance covers us for regular check up visits, preventative medications, vaccinations, and emergency operations and care.

A recent survey revealed that only 1% of American households with pets currently have any form of health insurance for their pets. Often pet owners are not aware how costly veterinary care can be until their pet is stricken with a sudden illness or suffers an injury.

Like human medical insurance, pet insurance companies charge monthly premiums and have deductables. Several levels of coverage are available and the monthly cost will be dependent on the type of coverage, and current age and health of your pets.

Recent advancements in veterinary care mean that many treatments previously only available for humans are now commonly being performed on pets including kidney transplants and cancer treatments. These treatments let our pets enjoy a longer and healthier life but they are expensive and may be beyond the reach of most of our budgets. Carrying pet insurance can open up these options to pet owners.

I recommend Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) to any pet owner to protect the health of their pet and give them peace of mind that their pet will receive the best care in an emergency. VPI covers cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and reptiles. They offer free quotes at their website. To visit and get more information click here.

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