Pet Sitting is a Serious Profession!

Today has been named World Movement Marketing Day by coach Suzanne Evans.  Her business helps encourages entrepreneurs to make a difference and “Help More People”.   She released a really inspirational video today that I’d love you to watch at :

I think that my mission here at Working with Pets and through my work with the APSE fits into the scope of Suzanne’s movement concept.

So what is my movement?

I want to drive a movement that grows the perception of pet sitting as a serious profession. I believe that the pet sitting industry provides:

  • A valuable service to the world community of pet lovers
  • A great income and source of fulfillment to the pet sitting business owner
  • And great jobs to people that want to work with pets.

I’m always saddened to hear from pet sitters who are ridiculed by their peers for what they do.  I got this email via Facebook just a couple of days ago:

“I’m getting more criticism from “friends” re the fact that I work as a dog walker. Even at church I heard from sources that there is talk I’m not leading a “productive” life. One friend even stated after I mentioned how difficult it was when I had laryngitis “Ohhh reallly. Why do you need your voice working as a dooooog walllker?”"

The pet industry is thriving and there is no reason for people to have this perception of what we choose to do to earn a living!

I know you agree.

People need and love the services we provide and we as pet sitters and/or dog walkers ensure that pets get the exercise they need, the care and attention they deserve, and a safe loving environment when their owners sometimes can’t be home with them.

When the pet loving public think of pet sitters I want them to think of a profession that:

  1. Is proud of the service we provide
  2. Conducts business professionally and gives excellent customer service every day of the year
  3. Strives to continually educate themselves and pet owners about pet health and care
  4. Gives back to their community by supporting pet rescue and local pet organizations

Because I know that is what we as pet sitters do every day.

So help me raise the profile of pet sitting by displaying the professionalism of your pet sitting business in everything you do and then telling others about your business.

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