Secrets of Pet Business Success Now Available!

My new product is finally ready and now available right here. Secrets of Pet Business Success is a collection of 5 interviews with successful pet business owners to discover their secrets to building unique businesses that really stand above their competition.

Here is a taste of what you can learn from these pet business professionals: 4 behaviors that put into action will build you a reputation for excellence, and distinguish you from other pet services

5 qualities that when applied to your pet business will make your clients raving fans and will inspire them to tell everyone they know about your pet service

3 ways to ensure that you get the attention of the media and get free publicity that will expose your business to a larger audience and make sure that everyone in your city recognizes your business name

5 real life examples of how you can create a niche for your business that instantly makes you the obvious choice of pet care provider for your target market

2 methods to guarantee that doing business with you is easy and customers feel no reluctance to leaving their pets in your care

3 case studies of how to publish a book that establishes your expertise, gives you instant credibility, and acts like a giant business card

3 new pet industry trends that when incorporated into your business will give you instant appeal to emerging new markets

How to use blogging and blog radio to build your status as an expert, so that you develop a pre-established trust with pet owenrs and they feel a connection to you and your business

Why volunteering and community involvement should be integral components of your marketing strategy

I’m sure you’re wondering who these 5 generous entrepreneurs are that let me interview them and share their strategies. They are:

1) Diana Guerrero is a world recognized pet behavior expert, who has worked in the movies, been a featured expert on the Animal Planet cable network, and has now used these experiences to build a profitable pet training and pet career consulting business

2) Helmi Flick is the official cat show photographer at national and international cat shows, and her photos were chosen for the cover of Cat Fancy magazine for 9 out of the 12 issues published in 2007

3) Kim Bloomer is a dog natural health care specialist, the host of two weekly radio shows, and has authored her own book on dog health.

4) Joseph Giannini is the Owner of Urban Outsitters in Chicago. He started a pet sitting business which has now grown into a pet empire that consists of 3 dog daycare and boarding locations that also offer grooming services and pet supplies.

5) Jeanie Marie Kraft is a dog accupuncture therapist. She transformed her traditional accupunture business into a full time pet business that provides accupuncture therapy for dogs in the comfort of their own homes.

This is a physical product that is delivered to you as 5 CD’s (over 240 minutes of audio) and a 120 page spiral bound book that contains the full written transcripts of all calls. I’m giving you the transcripts so that you can take notes and put together your own action plan for implementing all the new ideas for improving your buisness that you will have when you finish listening to these calls.

I am also giving the first 50 buyers as a bonus a digital copy of my One Page Pet Business Plan so that they can set out their new business action steps in an official written plan that will inspire them to take action!

If you are ready to differentiate your pet business from the competition and create a reputation for excellence grab your copy now and make sure you don’t miss out on the fast action bonus!

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