The Pet Gives You A New Place To Ask and Answer Questions!

Today at the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence we launched a brand new website for the pet industry –  We hope that this site will become the wikipedia for our industry and give pet business owners like you a place to find the answers and information you need to grow your business.

The site is very user friendly – just a short registration process and you are all set to start answering and asking questions.  Use the site to build your reputation as a pet expert and help others by sharing your knowledge!

Here is our official release – I hope you’ll join us there!

Hey Pet Service Industry Professionals… As of January 11, 2011… No longer will you spend hours searching through random forums searching for facts. No longer will you need to weed out bad data when trying to build your pet business. … No longer will your valuable time be wasted by forum trolls and off-topic rants just because you’re searching for some help… The revolutionary solution is here… Introducing: http://www.THEPETINDUSTRY.COM/ On 1/11/11, the dawn of a new era of fact finding will begin. Presented by Paul Franklin and The Association for Pet Sitting Excellence, is a question/answer site for pet service professionals. Ask questions. Get Answers. And grow your business. This interactive education gives you the ability to seek answers from top industry professionals all while being recognized and maybe even honored as knowledgeable professional. As you answer questions asked by fellow providers, others vote on your answers until you are deemed to have THE BEST ANSWER. Ask Questions. Give Answers. … and grow your business. Find your facts:

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