Top 10 Pet Medical Situations Requiring Immediate Vet Care

Published on : 06 February 20181 min reading time

A real quick pet health tip for you tonight.  Some pet medical situations are best handled by a qualified vet.

If your pet or the pets of your clients have any of the following symptoms – you need to take immediate action and get them to the nearest vet clinic.

1. Trauma – Head, Chest or Abdomen
2. Seizure – Prolonged or First Time
3. Arterial Bleeding
4. Fractures
5. Poisoning
6. Shock
7. Respiratory Distress
8. Inability to Walk
9. Bloat
10. Unconciousness

Even if the pet recovers from the situation or their condition improves – you should still take them to the vet for a full check up.  You don’t want to risk another relapse when you are not around to care for the pet.

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