Top 5 Tips for Attention Grabbing Press Releases

Tonight I interviewed Rachel Monroe - pet industry copywriter - to learn her tips on writing press releases this holiday season. It was a great call - I took 5 pages of notes and wanted to share with you just a snippet of the information she was generous enough to share. Here are Rachels top 5 tips to ensure that your press releases grab the attention of the editor:

1. Use statistics in your release. These could be statistics from a survey that you have performed, or from studies published by trade journals, or pet industry associations. A good example of this is the recent PSI survey that you can find right here. Statistics must be related to the topic of your release and of interest to the audience of the publication.

2. Keep your release short (2-3 paragraphs). A short, concise press release will stand out from the crowd and won’t take editors long to read.

3. Make your releases newsworthy. Tie in your stories to holiday topics or events that are currently in the news - or make sure your release tells a news story.

4. Interests the publicaiton audience. Make sure that you story not only interests you but it is also of interest to the readers of the publication that you are submitting your release to. Do some research by reading the publications and looking at the type of stories they print to get clues.

5. Include a photograph or product sample. Including a photo or sample lets the editor experience your story first hand.

Getting your business in the press this holiday season can inform readers about your services, position you as a pet expert, or announce a special holiday event that you are hosting. Publicity is free and is a great alternative to advertising as stories published in the press typically carry much more credibility with consumers.

To hear the full interview with Rachel and discover :

1. her secrets for creating an angle or hook for your release 2. how to format your press release to ensure it is read by the editor 3. the top 3 mistakes made when writing press releases 4. the research you should complete before sending out a release 5. how to find the contact information of editors for local and national publications 6. her checklist for polishing a press release prior to submission 7. the right time to send your release to editors 8. ideas for press release topics for the holiday season

Just sign up for a trial membership to the Pet Business Success Circle. Members can download the recording of the interview, my action checklist that shows you how to apply the tips to your pet business, and a full written transcript.

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