Unusual Pet Care Business – Pet Photographer

Today I found a great interview with a pet photographer - Jamie Pfughoeft in the Seattle Times in their nwjobs section where they profile interesting careers. Jamie shares some fantastic information about how she became a pet photographer, the equipment she uses, what at typical workday looks like for a pet photographer, and how much competition there is in the pet photography market. She also shares some tips on getting started as a pet photographer and her favorite resources. You can find the complete interview at Seattle Times nwjbos.

My first pet sitting client was a cat photographer (Helmi Flick) who needed me to look after her cats while she travelled to cat shows around the country to photograph cats for breeders attending the shows. She took some great pictures of my cats that I love and hang proudly in my office. Here is one of both my Burmese kitties - Cozzy and Bouie.

Since taking my photos almost 4 years ago she has been invited to international pet shows and her photos have been featured on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine several times. Her business has grown in leaps and bounds.

Pet Photography is a specialized field as taking photos of pets required patience - pets don’t like to sit still for photos and have to be coaxed into position using toys or other distractions.

Pet photographers don’t only cater to the pet owner and breeder market but are also needed for commerical photographs that are used for pet product advertising online and in magazines, billboards, and on product labels.  As the market for pet services and products grows so does the demand for great pet photos.

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