Using the Holiday Season to Market Your Pet Business

Thanksgiving and Xmas are fast approaching - it’s just 2 1/2 weeks until Thanksgiving Thursday! The holidays are a great opportunity to get in touch with your customers to keep your pet business at the top of their minds and remind them that you care about their pets. Get organized now to take advantage of the holiday season to promote your pet business.

I always send out pet themed Christmas greeting cards to all of our customers to thank them for their business during the year. Typically I have purchased cards with cute dog or cat motifs from my local Barnes and Noble or Borders store - they both have a good range of pet cards. I have also sent out specialized pet sitting cards from Pet Sitters International but these tend to be a bit more expensive.

This year a new catalogue has arrived at my door - Sharper for Pet Care Professionals. They produce cards, postcards, calendars, stickers, paper tote bags, and magnets to promote all types of pet businesses. I love their cards am going online today to order. You can order at their website -

I also found calendar magnets in their catalogue. Bright 4″ x 6″ magnets with the full 2008 calendar, a cute pet picture on top, and customized with your pet business name and contact details on the bottom. When I visit customers they often have these magnets displayed on their fridge from realtors but I think that with the cute pet pictures - magnets from their local pet service or retailer would be even more likely to be displayed. This puts your pet business in front of your customers all year round and they will never lose your phone number! I have used smaller yearly planners in the past but I think I’m going to find one of these magnets this year to slip into my Christmas cards.

Another great product to use to promote your service or products are gift certificates. People are searching for customized gifts to give their friends and family and a gift certificate for pet products would be a great gift for any pet lover. Sharper is also able to supply a customized certificate - or you can create your own on your home computer. You could also use a flyer at your office or left at your visits to announce to current customers that gift certificates are available for purchase for the holidays.

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