What is Pet Sitting Excellence?

Some of you may have seen my new email signature and already picked up on the fact that I’m in the midst of writing a new book titled “How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business”.  I’m making great progress and I hope to have it available in late Feb/early March.  Today I have an excerpt from the books introduction to give you a taste of the what the book is all about and how it can help you grow your pet sitting business.

What Is Pet Sitting Excellence?

The primary function of any pet sitting service is to provide in-home vacation or midday pet care and dog walking services. Some pet sitters also offer dog grooming, hiking excursions, and other specialty services to their clients. To grow a successful pet sitting business you must offer your clients a consistent, reliable, and caring pet care service that provides for the basic needs of the pets in your care such as food, exercise, and affection. Pet sitting excellence goes far beyond just providing excellent pet care. A business that creates pet sitting excellence also excels at exceeding the pet owners needs and expectations by creating an excellent pet sitting experience. Pet owners want to hire a pet sitter who will give quality, caring and consistent care for their pets while they are vacationing or at work, but just as importantly pet owners are also looking for convenience, which means that your pet sitting service needs to make it easy for them to: • find you • trust you • understand how the service works • hire you and schedule services • make payments You can provide this ease by ensuring that you do a great job at marketing your business and have carefully planned operational business systems. Great marketing makes sure that: • potential clients can easily find your service • you build immediate trust by identifying your experience and credentials and by providing super customer testimonials Good operational systems make certain that: • your policies and pricing are obvious • communication with clients at your website, on the phone, or in person is consistent and clear • your business makes every effort to protect the health and safety of the pets in your care To successfully grow a pet sitting business that creates an experience of pet sitting excellence the business must also be easy for you to run and manage. The more smoothly your day to day business runs, the more clients you will be able to connect with and provide excellent service, and the more pleasure and profits you will gain from your business. Operational systems make running your business more efficient and allow you to hand off tasks to a support team as your business grows.

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