What is Your Favourite Breed to Pet Sit?

Published on : 05 November 20182 min reading time

This week the AKC released it’s registration data from 2008 and announced the most popular dogs in the US.

This got me to thinking about what my favorite breeds of cats and dogs are that I pet sit for.  Here are my favorites:

Dog : Dachunds and Beagles – I like the hounds as they are so good natured and because I know that I can’t really have one of my own as they don’t get on well with cats.  I’m sure if I found the right one or trained them right I wouldn’t have a problem.

Cat: This one is harder as I have plenty of lovable moggies that I can’t classify into any breed. I do love the British shorthairs though – their round faces and big eyes. I’d love to get one of these one day. Maybe when my little Burmese female calms down in her old age!  She hates any other cats – we looked after a friends cat in our house for 2 days a couple of years ago and she took her rage out on our other older male Burmese and wouldn’t sit with him for months – they usually snuggle all the time!

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