Pet Care Realities – Know the Good and the Bad

I stumbed across a great article today about the downsides of pet care careers.  The author Aimee Amodio makes some great obervations about the not so enjoyable aspects of various pet care careers. Of course every job has it’s drawbacks – usually that you have to be present from 9-5 every day if you work a standard office job! Seriously though, you should educate yourself about all aspects of any new career or business and decide if you can live with the downsides.  Here are a few that Aimee mentions: Continue reading “Pet Care Realities – Know the Good and the Bad”

Learn Pet Photography – 3 Day Workshop in Pennsylvania

Next month there is a workshop being held in Pennsylvania to learn how to start a pet photography business. The workshop starts on September 14-16 in Hershey (great for all my fellow chocolate lovers!). But seriously, I don’t have any experience with the team holding the event so I can’t make any recommendations but they do seem to cover some very practical topics. Here are some of the subjects they plan to cover in their 3 day course: Continue reading “Learn Pet Photography – 3 Day Workshop in Pennsylvania”

What If You Arrive At A Pet Sitting Visit and Someone’s Home

What If WednesdayHave you ever arrived at a pet sitting visit only to find that when you arrive the lights are on and you can see movement inside the home? Or that when you entered the home that you found that someone else was there with you? This happened to one of my pet sitters last month. It may seem like a simple situation – your customers probably just forgot to call and cancel the visits when their plans changed – but it can be a serious safety risk if not handled correctly. Continue reading “What If You Arrive At A Pet Sitting Visit and Someone’s Home”

Is Your Pet Business Home Office Pet Proof?

Pet Business Home Office SafetyAs pet professionals we care for the pets of others every day.  Because my business keeps me so busy I sometimes feel that my own pets get less attention than they deserve.

One very simple way to care for our pets is to make sure that our home is pet safe.  The addition of the home office that we use to run our pet business can easily introduce new hazards to the home that can pose a threat to our pets safety. Continue reading “Is Your Pet Business Home Office Pet Proof?”

Are Employees or Independent Contractors the Right Fit for your Pet Business?

Every time I visit a forum where pet sitting business owners are chatting online one of the most common topics is about the relative merit of hiring employees versus using independent contractors. I know this must also be a concern in other pet businesses. In this post I want to discuss the major differences in these worker classifications and the legal concerns about using contractors. Continue reading “Are Employees or Independent Contractors the Right Fit for your Pet Business?”

Defining Your Ideal Employee (or Independent Contractor)

In my previous article – When is the Right Time to Hire Help? – I advised that the first step to take when considering taking on help is to define your ideal employee. This is an important step that is easily skipped over. But including this step in yoru hiring process will aid you in the process of looking for and screening candidates and save you a lot of stress and pain later. Continue reading “Defining Your Ideal Employee (or Independent Contractor)”

When Is The Right Time To Hire Help?

The answer to this question is going to vary greatly with each type of pet business but I thought this topic would make a good lead in to my next series of articles on pet care personnel management. If you have a storefront business such as a pet supply retail store or a doggy day care then the right time to hire help will probably be at start up. If you have a service orientated business such as pet sitter, dog walker, groomer, or dog trainer then you may choose to operate your business solo for the first few months or first few years. Continue reading “When Is The Right Time To Hire Help?”