Wishbones for Pets – Pet Sitter Annual Community Event

Thanksgiving is a time for counting our blesings and enjoying time with family. It is also the time of year when we give to the less fortunate so they may enjoy a good meal. 

At this time of year pet sitters also come together for pets in need and collect pet supplies and funds for local pet shelters and pet agencies.  The campaign is called Wishbones for Pets and is an annual event that runs each year during the six weeks prior to Thanksgiving. The event was established in 2004 by Janet Depathy of Under My Wings Pet Sitting in Plymouth, MA.

Pet sitters work with local businesses to organize and place donation drop-off stations at their locations and select a local pet shelter or agency to which all items collected will be donated. It is a great marketing opportunity for the pet sitter who can get publicity from the event, and brings additional traffic into the local businesses.  It’s a win-win for the shelter, pet sitter, and businesses that host the drop off stations.

Consider donating items for the pets at your local donation station by contacting a Wishbones for Pets pet sitter near you. You can find a list of participating pet sitters at:


Let your clients know about the event by placing a link on your website, placing a link in your newsletter, or leaving a note for them at your Thanksgiving visits.

Put the event on your calendar for 2009 and get involved by organizing your own local community event.  You can find more information and the registration forms at their website. They also have a forum where you can network with other participating pet sitters to get some tips and advice to ensure your event is a big success.

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