5 Essential Pet First Aid Tips for Pet Sitters

I want to invite you to my next free call that is coming up on the evening of July 14 - Tuesday next week -with Therese Kopiwoda from PetSitUSA and Austin Pet First Aid.

Therese is a pet sitter and a pet first aid instructor with Pet Tech.  She is going to share with us on the call 5 pet first aid tips that everyone pet sitter must know.  Therese is also going to share with us how pet sitters can attract new clients and build community awareness of their business by teaching pet first aid classes. 

If you are a pet sitter you are obviously already passionate about the care of pets. Becoming a pet first aid teacher in your community is a natural fit and will give your business more credibility.

Here’s a bonus pet health tip:

Don’t let your dogs near your penny collection! Pennies produced since 1982 may be fatal if swallowed by a dog because they contain zinc. Also nuts and bolts contiain zinc and don’t easily pass through the digestive system. They sit in the stomach and are dissolved by the stomach acids, slowly poisoning the pet. Symptoms include jaundice, vomiting and difficulty in breathing. If you suspect a dog has ingested pennies or any other foreign objects, have the pet x-rayed.

If you live in Dallas Fort Worth or surrounds I will be holding a Pet Tech PetSaver class at the Tarrant County Chamber of Commerce on Saturday July 25th from 8am to 4pm.  I’m offering specially discounted prices for this class - for details please contact me at 817 692 4404 or via email at daniellechonody@gmail.com

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