50 Ways to Get Links to Your Pet Sitting Website – Part 2

1. Get your website reviewed. Some forums connect users who would like to exchange site reviews. Pet sitting  bloggers or other local pet business blogs are also good people to ask if they would post a review for your site with a link in their post. Let me know if you would like me to review your site here at Working with Pets. 2. Go local. Search for other local pet care providers or pet related businesses in your area and ask if they will link to your site. They are often happy to offer their clients a new resource. 3. Submit your blog or website to Zimbio.com. Zimbio is a community that allows users to contribute to “wikizines” by submiting relevant blog posts to them. 4. Start a yahoo group (groups.yahoo.com). It’s free and it allws you to build a community. 5. Write instructional articles for sites such as eHow.com. Make them relevant to pets and include your site as a resource. 6. Comment on stories at popular news sites. Try to find pet stories that relate back to content on your website or blog. When you add your comment cite your website as another source of information. 7. Volunteer as a guest lecturer at your local institution of higher learning. Teach a class on what it’s like to run your own business or on a pet related topic such as pet first aid.  The school may link to you on their website. 8. Set up a profile and review books and other products on Amazon.com. You can add a link back to your site on your profile page. The more products you review the more people will see your link. 9. Submit your blog to Technorati.com. Add tags in your posts to make them easy to find. 10. Do reviews on sites such as Epinions.com and Yelp.com. Most review sites allow links in your profile. Invest a few minutes of your day tomorrow and try out one of these suggestions. Let me know in the comments which one you try and be sure to tell us of any ideas you have too!

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