50 Ways to Get Links to Your Pet Sitting Website

Are customers finding your pet sitting website when they search for pet care in Google or Yahoo? One of the ways for your site to rank well in these search engines is to get links from other pet care sites to your website. The search engines assume that if you have lots of other sites in a related field linking to your site that your site has good information and that you are an authority on that topic. Over the next 5 days I’m going to give you 50 tips for getting links from other sites so that you can get more traffic - and hopefully more customers! Here are the first 10 ways to get links: 1. Write guest posts on blogs that are related to pet sitting or pet care. Many bloggers (including me) are glad to allow you to provide some fresh articles for them and will let you link back to your site in your article. 2. Answer questions about pet sitting or pet care on sites such as Answers.Yahoo.com, JustAnswer.com, or AllExperts.com. Providing quality advice on subjects related to pets will help you to become know as an expert and resource, and you can link back to your site as a resource at the end of your tip. 3. Offer testimonials for sales pages of the pet products that you use and enjoy. People love to get them and will be willing to give you a link back to your site as part of your signature at the end of your comment. 4. Post helpful pet care articles on your website or your blog and submit them to social media sites such as Facebook and Digg.com. 5. Write and distribute press releases about newsworthy events in your business or community events that you are involved with. 6. Submit articles that you write for your blog or website to free article directories with your link in the about the author resource box. 7. Join your local chamber of commerces. As a member you will get a link to your site from their member page. 8. Write or edit a Wikipedia page about your business or a pet care related topic. You can also add links to your site as a resource from other pages about pet care or pet sitting. 9. Set up a Squidoo or Hubpages site. Choose an interesting topic and set up your own page that contains links back to yoru website. 10. Join and participate in pet lover forums online. Add a link to your site in your email signature. Don’t forget that the text that you use to link back to your site can also improve your website rankings. When creating your link use some of your keywords that customers type into the search engines when they link to your site as the link text. For example I would use “Euless pet sitting service” as the text for the link back to my site as I serve the city of Euless and this is what people would type into Google if they are looking for a sitter in this city. If you don’t have the time to write your own articles to use to post in directories, create press releases, or Squidoo pages to get links to your site consider joining the Pet Sitting Success Circle. All members receive 3 new and original pet care articles each month that you can use in your newsletters, as the basis for press releases, on your blog, or on your website. It would cost you more than $50 per month to have these written for you by a ghostwriter - but your first months membership is only $7. Try out the Pet Sitting Success Circle today and meet other pet sitters ready to help you grow your business.

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