Circle of Service – The Key to Pet Sitting Client Retention

On our monthly Pet Sitting Success Circle expert call I interviewed Rob Nager, owner of Decadent Dogs and PSI Pet Sitter of the Year 2008.  Rob shared with us his secrets to creating fantastic customer service in his pet sitting business.

Outstanding customer service is vital for your company to retain customers and build your business. One of the key concepts that we discussed on the call is the Circle of Service. You can see a diagram of the circle below.  The circle illustrates that treating your customers well leads to them trusting you more spending more on your services, and coming back to use your services again and again.

What the circle doesn’t mention is that happy customers also tell friends and family about your service which leads to more clients and more income!

One of the other nuggets that Rob gave us on the call was how to use RATER to to ensure you meet customer expectations.

RATER stands for :

Reliability - Making sure you overpromise and overdeliver on your services

Assurance - Projecting an image that lets clients know that your company is worthy of their trust

Tangibles - Portraying your company so that people know you are the best sitter for them

Empathy - Letting clients know that you understand their bond with their animals

Responsiveness - Returning client calls and resolving issues promptly

Apply these 5 rules to your business to get the circle of service in motion and create raving fans.

On the call Rob also shared :

-  6 keys to communicating an exceptional customer service attitude

-  How to ensure you staff are committed to providing fantastic customer service

-  Words that you should be using when you communicate with clients

-  What you should never say if you want to keep clients happy!

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