Curious About your Dogs DNA?

Have you ever wondered what mix of breeds your lovable pooch is? Using a new test marketed by Canine Heritage pet owners can now test their dogs DNA to find out.

Collection of the DNA is performed by using a small soft-bristled brush to gather skin cells from the inside of your dogs mouth. The test is able to identify genetic markers for 38 different breeds. This covers 75% of the most common breeds of dog in the United States.

Other than settling family dispute about whether Fido is a Lab/Jack Russell mix or a Lab/Terrier mix there are other practical benefits to knowing the breed of your pets. With knowledge of the breed you can investigate possible genetic health issues and have the opportunity to better manage the health care of your pet to prevent the onset of disease.

The test is also being marketed to shelters and animal rescues so that they are able to offer prospective owners more information about the dogs.

The test costs $65 plus shipping and handling and you test results are available four to six weeks after submitting the DNA sample. The test is marketed as being 90% accurate. Owners will receive a certificate that shows the primary breed, secondary breeds, and other breeds that are in the mix of DNA.

For more information about dog DNA testing visit Canine Heritage.

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