Fundamentals of Fantastic Customer Service

When owning your own business it’s important to know how to provide exceptional customer service. Without it, you may end up with unhappy customers, and that can cause you to lose business to other pet sitting competitors.

Fantastic customer service creates repeat business and customers who can’t stop themselves from talking to all their friends and family about you.

Rob has delivered seminars on customer service at the PSI annual conference and at their regional events. If you haven’t had a chance to hear how he wows his customers - don’t miss this opportunity to hear him without leaving home!

Knowing the fundamentals of customer service is the secret to a thriving business. Owning my own business has taught me that there are five major things that you can do to keep your customers coming back again and again!

• Be knowledgeable about the service you provide.  The more you know about your service, the more prepared you will be when providing it to your customers. Do your research and make sure you know everything there is to know about your business. Without that knowledge you could find your potential customers going elsewhere. You want them to feel informed about what you are offering and not have any confusion of what your services may include. • Always listen It’s so important to listen to what your customers are telling you. It always seems easier for me to take notes. The more I remember about them the better they will feel, and want to come back again. • Show your smile You can’t always be serious when dealing with people. By smiling, you are showing your customers you are happy they chose you over another company. Being yourself and feeling comfortable helps build a better relationship with your clients. By you smiling, you are showing confidence, and that will cause them to feel more comfortable around you as well! • Do more then you have to Just because your job title may be “Dog Walker” for instance, does not mean you can’t also brush the dog after its walk. This will show that you actually love what you do, and want to do more than is expected of you. No matter what your job title may be, going above and beyond will show your customers how dedicated you really are, and they will want to use your service again. • Make it memorable Give clients as wonderful and memorable an experience as you possibly can. The more memorable experience they have, the better chance you have of them recommending you to someone else. If they remember you, they will talk about you to others. . If clients talk about you to their friends, then that is the best advertisement you can ask for.

Remember, always be confident about what you are offering. Owning your own business is hard work, but knowing how to keep your customers coming back is the source to keeping your business alive. Show them you have the expertise, pay attention to them, be happy and smile, give them more then they asked for, and try to make their experience memorable. If you can do these five things, then you will have a successful pet sitting business!

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