Get More Clients To Your Pet Business Website using SEO Advice From Website Grader

I found a great free online tool that I wanted to share with you today. It is a tool that you can use to measure the marketing effectiveness of your pet busines website. The tool is called Website Grader. You visit their website, plug in your website address or url and hit the analyze button and it produces a report that tells you how well your site is set up for ranking in search engines and for marketing.

Some of the results include an analysis of:

1. On-site SEO (search engine optimization) including your use of keywords, headings, images, page title, and reading level

2. Off-site SEO including domain information, Google pagerank, the date that Google last crawled your site, Alexa traffic ranking, and whether your site is listed in the DMOZ, Yahoo and ZoomInfo directories

3. Your Technorati ranking for blog popularity

4. Your Social Media popularity by looking at delicious and Digg tagging

What I like most is that at each step there is a link that you can click that gives you a good explanation of the what is being measured and why it is important.

The site can also give you an analysis of your competitors websites if you plug in their website URL’s on the input page and tell you how well you rank in comparison to their websites.

If you enter your email address on the input page Website grader will send a copy of the report to your email address so you can follow up on it’s suggestions at a later date

I just tryed it out on and found that this blog is rated 75% higher than most other sites they have analyzed. Not bad ….. but they also suggested plenty of improments that I can make around here to get more traffic. If you are interested you can see my report here.

You’ll see that at the end of your online report there is an ad for their free whitepaper - 5 Tips to Turn Your Website into A Marketing Machine. It is a fairly brief report at 12 pages that will give you basic information about using on page and off page SEO, using website forms to capture visitors, how blogging can bring your more traffic, and the importance of analyzing your traffic statistics to improve your website marketing.

You have to give them a lot of your personal information to get the report including your phone number. If you don’t want to get on their list then you can easily Google these topics and you will find just as much, if not more information on each of them online.

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