How do Attitude and Belief Affect Your Business Growth?

Published on : 07 February 20184 min reading time

Learning to grow a successful pet care business is not just about learning business skills. To achieve great business growth will require that you will also need to achieve great personal growth.

Successful business owners have great attitude and they believe that they will be a success. Many of us through past personal relationships, circumstances, and past events have built up beliefs about success that may hold us back in achieving all that we want to in our life and our business. These may include beliefs about money, our own abilities, or other people. To achieve success we need to break through these old beliefs and create new beliefs that will aid our pursuit of business success.

We all have the ability to choose our attitude towards life and work – and our attitude that we bring to our life will affect how we interact with others and perceive events and circumstances. Another great lesson is the need to be present.

Do you believe that you are able to choose the attitude that you bring to your business every day? Even if you are stuck in traffic getting to the office, the coffee machine is broken, and you find that your computer has overnight scrambled your files – you do still have the personal choice to either let these setbacks make you angry, irritable, and flustered or to remain calm and solution focused.

Do you start each day picturing a productive and enjoyable day, or are you focused on worrying about the traffic, being late, or that big deadline or meeting? One of the laws of the universe is that what we focus on in life expands. So if you are focused on worry then more events to worry about will find their way into your day. However, if you are focused on opportunity more opportunities will magically become obvious to you.

The attitude you bring to your business each day will also have an impact on your employees, business partners, and customers. Positive energy is contagious as is negative energy. By gathering together and taking a collective decision to accept that you all choose your attitude you will create an environment at work where people are more accountable and proactive.

Lastly, the belief in yourself and belief in your ability to be a success in your business has a huge impact on your results. If you don’t fully believe that you can succeed do you think you’ll put in all the effort that you are capable of? Will the people around you be able to believe in you if you don’t?

You can work on building your belief by searching out limiting beliefs, writing them down and then turning them around into positive affirmations. By practicing these positive affirmations rather than focusing on limitations we are able to reprogram the mind and solidify our belief.

In the winter I attended a great seminar in Dallas called the Millionaire Mind intensive – I attended with another member of my business coaching group. Over the 3 days seminar we did some exercises to release existing blocking beliefs and instill new helpful beliefs. We had a great time and met some great people as well as learning more about ourselves and the way we think.

You can get 2 free tickets to a seminar in a city near you with the purchase of the book Millionaire Mind. They also run a shorter evening version of the workshop in different cities across the US. I would recommend the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” even if you are not interested in the seminar as it has some great tips about the attitude and mindset of successful people.

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