How Do You Overcome Fear and Keep Taking Action?

When you face a big decision in your pet sitting business or are launching a new marketing campaign - do you ever feel that you delay action because of fear.  Fear of success, or of failure, or rejection - or perhaps fear of the unknown?

Don’t feel alone if you do.  Everyone experiences fear when they face new challenges or changes in their life.  You just need to find a way to ease your fears, build your confidence, and gently push yourself to take the first steps.  Once you start everyone will start to seem easier.

Here are my tips for facing the fear and acting anyway!

1.  Break large tasks down into small steps and make an action plan.

2.  Take small steps each day to start taking action.

3. Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen. Is it really so bad after all? Isn’t the possibility that you will be wildly successful worth the risk?

4. Ask yourself how your actions will positively impact others and what you are keeping from them by not moving ahead with your big plans!

5. Plan a reward to give yourself once you have taken the action that will get you closer to your goals. Make sure you give yourself this reward once you have completed the task

6. Find another pet sitter who has overcome the challenges you face or already completed the goal you want to achieve. Find out how they achieved success and get their support and lessons learnt

6. Seek an accountability partner or coach who can help you work through fears and keep you moving

The pet sitter mastermind groups are the perfect place to seek other sitters who can give you advice, help you work through fears, and keep you moving. To find out more check out the Pet Sitting Success Circle.

Another resource that I can recommend is Kim Castle’s Clearing the Path Workbook that she has available at her website BrandU. It has been designed especially to help entrepreneurs to work through their fears so that can acheive their dreams for their business.

I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions too. When you feel that fear is holding you back - how do you work through it to start taking action? Please share and leave your comments after the post

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