How to Build An Email List of Potential Pet Sitting Clients

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a list of pet owners who potentially need your pet sitting service that you could send regular emails to inform them of new services, special offers, or just give them useful pet care information?  Do you think this could help you grow your business?  You betcha it can – and it’s not very difficult to setup either.  You just need some valuable gift to entice them to give you their email contact information – and a way for them to sign up to get the report and add their email to you list. Why do you need a valuable free gift? Today people are very wary of giving out their contact information.  With the explosion of the internet and growing use of email, marketers have realized that our email inbox is a great way to get their message in front of us at low cost, so we get our inbox filled with spam and offers for new products every day. The same happens at home in our mailboxes. If you want people to give you their contact information on or offline you have to offer them something in return that they perceive as having a high value.  I suggest that you create a short informational report or checklist that will both make their lives more convenient and help them take better care of their pets. How do you allow them to sign up to receive your free gift? A report or checklist can be easily delivered to potential clients via your website using an opt-in box and email auto responder.  This will require some work on your part to set-up but once you have this system in place it will automatically collect client names for the life or your business. I use a software program called Aweber ( to place a sign up box on my pet sitting website.  I offer visitors to my site two free gifts as an incentive to fill out their name and email in the sign up box – a pre-travel checklist and a local pet services guide. (You can see my sign up box on my website at this page : You can also use a free service called which will allow you to build a list up to 1000 people at zero cost. Once people fill out the box, their name and contact email are added to a subscriber list inside my account.  Every other week I go into my account and write my newsletter and then Aweber sends it out to everyone on my subscriber list. The Aweber system is one example of an auto responder program.  An auto responder collects lists of names and then allows you to send emails to this list whenever you choose to. The program also allows you to send out automatic welcome emails as soon as visitors fill out the sign up box (this is how I deliver my 2 free gifts) and also allows you to set up and deliver a series of email messages to subscribers at pre-determined intervals – such as a 5 day e-course. There are many other auto responder systems that you can use such as Constant Contact, GetResponse, and those contained in shopping cart systems such as Wahmcart and 1Shoppingcart – but Aweber is the most widely used. How do you create your free gift? I’m excited to tell you about a totally free resource that was launched today that gives you step by step instructions to create your free report. This report was created by Melissa Ingold over at Internet Marketing Sweetie – and you can download it and get more details at : How to Create and Profit from Special Reports This is a super guide and includes: Here’s what you’ll find inside this free report: What is a Special Report? How to Use a Special Report Idea #1: Entice New Clients Idea #2: Pre-Sell a Teleseminar Series Idea #3: Mastermind Groups Idea #4: Building Your Email List Idea #5: Bonus Products Benefits of Special Reports What Tools Do I Need To Create a Special Report? How to Create a Special Report Outlining Your Special Report Sample Outline for Special Report on Article Writing Writing Your Report Titles/ Subtitles Editing Your Special Report Read Out Loud Read it Backwards “That” “But” “However” and “Therefore” Delivering Your Special Report Marketing Your Special Report Check it out and get thinking of some valuable tips that you can include in your report for pet owners.

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