Why Is Pet Sitting Excellence Important?

Back again with another sneak peek at my new book -  “How to Create Excellence in Your Pet Sitting Business”.  Today I want to explain why I think that pet sitting excellence is so important to your business and to the pet loving world!  If you’ve missed the other two parts you can catch up and read them  here: 

Why is Pet Sitting Excellence Important

In our culture pets are fast becoming more than just companion animals. They are now valuable members of the family. As such the role of the pet sitter takes on even greater responsibility. As a pet sitter you are the temporary custodian of your client’s pets. It is your job to protect their health, safety, and emotional wellbeing while the pet’s owners cannot be there to do this important job. It is vitally important that your pet sitting business is set up so that you have systems in place that both guarantee the pets wellbeing as well as take care of your client’s emotional needs by making them feel safe leaving the pets in your care. In the past two years the pet sitting industry has seen an average of 7% annual growth. This means that the number of pet sitting services available to pet owners in your area is expanding and to make sure that your business continues to attract new clients you must become more competitive by offering superior services. Creating a business designed to embody pet sitting excellence allow you to build a reputation as the pet sitting services leader in your area. The improved customer satisfaction will ensure that your business receives more repeat business, generates more word of mouth referrals, and creates automatic client buzz and community publicity and recognition.  It will also allow you to collect sparkling testimonials from your clients that then work to help you build trust and market your business to new clients. I plan to launch the book on March 15th - so stay tuned and I’ll have some more sneak peeks for you soon! In the meantime don’t forget to join in the Pet Sitters Sharing Excellence project by sharing your business tips - here is all the info: Share Your Pet Sitting Tips and I’ll Give You My Special Twitter Marketing Secrets Report If you don’t use Twitter my free report will show you all the basics - and they you can tweet with me and otehr pet sitters.

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