How To Create A Powerful Pet Sitting Brand That Automatically Attracts Your Ideal Customers

I’m excited to announce that I have another free call for you next Tuesday May 12th. I’m interviewing the genius of branding and marketing Kim Castle, the co-creator of BrandU. We will be discussing how to create a pet sitting brand born from the heart of your business that will be irresistable to you ideal customers.

Last year I attended Kim and her partner Vito’s Brand Power intensive and birthed my own new pet sitting brand - Protecting Max. Kim and Vito have set up a very systemized approach to branding and marketing so that all of your communication with customers is authentic to you business mission. I am currently part of their Market Power coaching group - the follow up course to Brand Power. Believe me when I say that they are a powerhouse team that have the right tools and knowledge to move your business forward!

On the call I will be asking Kim to share:

1) The first step to making your pet sitting business irresistable 2) Why creating your brand from the heart of your business is so important 3) Choosing between the eight forms tag lines to create an inspiring call to action 4) How to use your brand consisitantly to build a strong public image 5) Kim’s simple eight step at-a-glance understanding of marketing

If you can’t make it to the call but want to hear Kim’s branding and marketing advice - all members of the Pet Sitting Success Circle will receive the recording and written transcript of my call with Kim.  It’s just $7 to sign up for your first month and this includes access to 11 of our past calls.

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