How to Market Your Pet Business – Pet Communities, Press Releases, and Events

I had a great call with Leslie from Pawsible Marketing last night. Leslie began her specialty pet marketing consulting business on the advice of a friend. She found that she loves working with pet business owners as it fits with her love of pets and is a fun business.

She now works with pet business owners nationwide to set them up with a business marketing plan in which she outlines a set of customized marketing tactics.

Here are a just a few of the tips she shared with me on the call:

1) The most common marketing mistakes made by pet business owners are a lack of planning and consistency.

2) All business owners should have a library of marketing documents available in both online and print form. The documents in your marketing library should include business cards, a brochure or website, email signature, press release template, and promotional giveaway items.

3) Your marketing budget should be flexible and change to fit with the life stage of your business and your business goals.

4) One of the best ways to network with pet owners is to find hidden pet communities such as online forums, and local pet newsletters, and to get actively involved in community pet events.

5) To get free publicity through the TV, radio, and news media you need to develop a creative “hook” that makes your business unique and newsworthy

6) When setting up your marketing plan you need to step back and examine your business objectively, determine the realistic potential your market, and determine which products and services pet owners are most likely to buy.

It’s not too late to share in the other valuable tips from Leslie. Just join up as a member of the Pet Business Success Circle and you will receive a downloadable mp3 file of the call, full written transcript, and my action checklist that will make sure that you implement the ideas in your own pet business.

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