How to Start A Pet Sitting Business

Published on : 17 November 20172 min reading time


During these tough economic times there was a time when I was unemployed and did not have any source of income. I thought I often see people start cleaning and lawn maintenance businesses why don’t I start a pet sitting business. I love animals and have always had pets growing up so I thought this was a great idea. My first step was to think of a great catchy, fun name! Remember a name can be a first impression to many people.

Next step: Ok, so now you have a great name. The next step is to register it with your local city and state.

Step 3: Get your business insured, licensed and possibly bonded.(Bonding may not be necessary depending on where you are located). This helps give your business credibility.

Step 4: Marketing. Advertise, advertise, advertise! I found the best way for me was to get business cards and place them everywhere I visited. Veterinarian offices, coffee shops, pet shops, Yodle in a parking lot LOL!! Anything to get your name out there. Send post cards, put an add in your local newspaper.

Get ready for the calls. Wow them over the phone. Tell them about your Meet & Greet or whatever your business has to offer. Make yourself stand apart from the competition. Keep it real and be yourself and you will soon have a very successful pet sitting business of your own!

Happy Pet Sitting…

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