Small Business Networking and Free QuickBooks Software

I found a great site last week that has lots of advice for small business owners, new business owners, and potential business owners.

Jump Up is a website by Intuit the makers of QuickBooks accounting software that is aimed at providing business planning, accounting, marketing, and tax advice to new business owners.  They provide many free templates and programs as part of their toolbox and also a directory of business articles.

Their 6 steps to business start up section gives advice to help you:

1) Market you business online

2) Make a business plan

3) Get expert help and training

4) Create the right business structure

5) Select a business name and create a unique identity

6) Get paid by your customers

If you have recently started a pet business or are still considering a start-up then one of the fantastic resources they offer is a free copy of QuickBooks simple start which tracks sales and expenses and helps you prepare your taxes. At this time of the year I can’t think of a better freebie - I always end up scrambling to get my accounts in order and find all my receipts and deductions at the beginning of each year - but keeping your books up to date on a program like Quickbooks can help you avoid the end of year rush.  This sample has no expiration date, you can keep using it until your business needs outgrow it, and then you can upgrade to QuickBooks full version and transfer all your data.

Another great feature of the Jump Up site are the forums and community section. They have a financial forum and a marketing forum where you can discuss small business issues with other small business owners and learn from their experience. On the front page of the site you see a Small Business Spotlight - once you join the forums you can add your own spotlight and then have your business featured on the home page too! Just another way to market and be noticed.

If you know of any other small business resources leave a comment and let us know about them..

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