The Benefits of Creating Pet Sitting Business Systems

Owning a business is exciting, but over time it can start to feel overwhelming.  This is why it is essential to create a good business system so you do not have to work so hard. Business Coach Terry Dean once said “The difference between a job and a business is that a job requires you to do all the work. A Business is where you have put a system in place so others can do the work for you.”

A Business will generate income whether you are working or not!  Having a business system is how so many franchises have taken over numerous markets.  Research shows that businesses with a good solid Business system in place out perform their competition!

Creating a business system may sound hard, however it’s not really that complicated.  Here are some easy steps you can take:

Start by writing everything down.  If the first thing you do is write a blog about your business, then jot that down.  Go to the next thing you do and continue the process till you have every detail written down.

Once you have written everything down, break each of these tasks into single steps.  If you wrote a blog, add all the steps you take to do that blog, and so on.  Put everything on a step by step basis.

Create a video that describes how you want things done.  This can help by giving a visual aid in case something may be difficult to understand in writing.

Try it out on your friends.  See if they can understand everything you want performed. You may even be able to hire one of them as your first employee.

The Advantages of having a solid business system is greater than you can imagine.  You can have more time to focus on other things, you’ll have consistency with how you want things done, plus you have a solid foundation for opening up another business in a different town or state.  Owning a pet sitting business does not have to be mean you do all the work. If you put together a good business system, that can be you’re stepping stone to expand and add more employees.

Creating a business system for your business is a wonderful way to provide guidelines, so others can do exactly what you do.  Some great benefits are that, systems will stay around long after employees leave. They provide reliable ways of doing things.  You do not have to manage things everyday, which in turn means less stress.  A good business system provides a foundation for controlled growth.  It can also give business owners more freedom, and can help make more money as well.  Over all, you can get things done better and faster.

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Just like you need both a mother and a father to make a baby, you need BOTH savvy marketing and a great operations plan to “make” a successful business; one that brings in the money, lifestyle and freedom you want.

  - Want to scream because you are paying good money to a team that messed up . . . again. - Are overwhelmed because you are juggling hundred of details in your head that you just can’t keep straight. - Are worried you’ll forget about an important client. - Are frustrated because you are missing out on money-making opportunities simply because you don’t have the time to get to them. Then you want to join me and my friend, Beth Schneider of Process Prodigy for this eye opening call.  She is going to show you how to find the money, free time and prestige currently hiding in your business so all you have to do is show up and do the fun stuff.

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