Top 6 Pet First Aid Tips for Pet Sitters

On my free call this week Therese Kopiwoda shared 6 great first aid tips for pet sitters:

1) Go to a pet first aid class so that you have the skills and knowledge to be able to react quickly and correctly in a pet emergency

2) Get a first aid kit and carry it with you in your car.  It is best to put together your own kit so that you can customize it to the type of pets you care for and you know what you have in you kit

3) Make sure that you know where your clients pet records are located. Get all new clients to alert their vet that they will be having a pet sitter care for the pets and ask that they have a credit card on file with their vet

4) Know where you clients vets are so that in an emergency you can get to the vet quickly. After your inital interview take the time to print a map and file with the client contract

5) Know the location of the nearest emergency vet clinic. Find out their hours and if they have a vet on staff during operating hours or if the vet will be called in only if needed

6) If you are caring for large dogs make sure you have a way to transport them to the vet. Have another person that you can call to help you or have a guerney in your vehicle. If you are caring for cats make sure you know where clients carriers are located

To find out about pet first aid classes in your area visit and find a local instructor.

Therese also shared with us on the call the 5 most common pet emergencies and how to react given any of these situations.  We discussed some real life incidents that we have had on the job as pet sitters and as pet owners.  She also shared the best way to use your pet first aid certification to gain more credibility as a pet sitters and to differentiate your pet sitting business from your competitors.

The full recording of our call is available to members of the Pet Sitting Success Circle.  To join and get more details visit  It’s only a $7 investment to join for the first month and try out all the member benefits including more than 11 past call recordings, free reports, and our mastermind groups.

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