What Do You Want To Get Done This Year?

Well here we are in the new year already!  I hope you enjoyed the holidays and New Year celebrations.  But now for most of us it’s back to business. Before you jump into all the tasks on your new to do list – have you thought about what you really want to get done this year? When you stand in this place one year from now what do you want to proudly say that you achieved in 2011? To me this is always an exciting question.  I do believe that the possibilities for you this year are only limited by your own imagination and beliefs.  It is possible for you to do anything you want to do this year – you just have to want it enough, have the right mindset, and be willing to put in the work. So step back for a minute.  Take a deep breath.  Suspend worrying about the HOW and just think about the WHAT. Now take a few moments to think about the question: If anything is possible for you this year – what would you do? Of course don’t limit yourself to just one thing – think big! If I asked myself this question today it would look different to what I would have told you last week.  For some reason new ideas have been coming to the surface for me.  It’s funny when you take a look at what you did last year – that you start to believe that you can do even more.  If you had asked me last week my get done list would have looked like this:
  • Double the size of my Protecting Max pet sitting business
  • Complete the International Coach Federation certification program for Associate Certified Coach
  • Launch a transition coaching system to help women move from corporate to business owner
  • Grow the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence to become a major competitor with NAPPS and PSI
Mmm now that I’m looking at the list it’s pretty daunting … But I can’t help having this new to do keep niggling at my mind.  It all started with two things I did last week:
  • I sent out a letter to about 20 dog boarding and day care facilities in my local area to advertise my pet first aid classes.
  • I drove past a commercial building for sale on a major highway here in Euless
These two tasks got me to thinking of how fun it would be to own a dog daycare / boarding facility here in Euless.  When sending out the letters I noticed that there isn’t a facility here in my city – or particularly close to the DFW airport.  When looking at the building I started getting all these new ideas about how it would fit with my Protecting Max business and how it could be different to others in the local area – I just started dreaming and my head ran away with itself (this isn’t a particularly unusual occurrence for me – not sure if a blessing or a curse!) .   Upon some quick research I discovered the monthly lease on the building for sale is $8000 a month -  OUCH!!   So I’ll have to keep dreaming for now… What I really wanted to tell this story for was to use this as an example of possibility thinking.  Don’t be afraid to think big and when an idea pops into your head don’t immediately dismiss it as crazy – and don’t say “I couldn’t ever do that!”. The day care / boarding facility is a big dream and one with a lot of overhead!  It will take a serious business plan to secure a site and move ahead.   But I have decided to not let it go.  It is something that I’ll be working on this year – and hopefully when I do figure out a business plan for financially borrowing – it will be something that I can share with you here and something you can learn from too. If you need some help with the vision and plan for your year I have put together a comprehensive 52 page Vision, Focus, Action! Success Planning Workbook for you.  This will lead you through developing your ideal life vision, setting goals, making action plans to work out the HOW, and monthly tracking worksheets to keep you accountable and on track.  All together the workbook contains 14 fill in the gap templates – so that you can intentionally create your year.  You can find out more about the workbook and get free sample vision worksheets right here -  Goal Setting Worksheets So tell me by leaving a comment one of the things that you want to get done this year.  Put it out there so that you are committed to moving ahead to get it done!

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